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Mike Lloyd

P.S. hand printed copies of photographss are available from  Julie Davis at Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre,  localstudies@wiltshire.gov.uk

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1st January, 1984 New Year’s day, at one minute past midnight –  Cliff Skinner manager at the Civic Centre, Trowbridge  (A102)


Everyone knows the story ‘1984’.

That dystopian world of George Orwell where Right is Wrong and Hate is Love, if you believe it, and belief will set you free.

In 1980 I was the District Manager of the Gateway Building Society in Fore St. Trowbridge.  As 1984 approached it occurred to me it would be a good idea to create a photographic record of what the world in 1984 actually is like. The small world of Trowbridge that is.

So I set out everyday to take a photograph.

These pictures are the outcome. What do you notice looking back from today? Shops and buildings no longer there,  some new ones perhaps; people who you vaguely remember and somehow didn’t forget pop up; and how old the cars seem.

Whatever it is, I am sure you will enjoy revisiting Trowbridge in 1984. Share with us what you remember, and tell your friends as well.

Send your remarks to

Julie Davis
Community History Advisor
at Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre,
Cocklebury Rd, Chippenham
SN15 3QN


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Good luck, thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Lloyd



 3 Oct, 2017 Great site – you really ought to publicise this in the Wiltshire Times if you haven’t already done so. [John Baxter]

Week 1  – 1 Jan to 8 Jan – Cliff Skinner

Week 2 – 9 to 15 Jan – Trevor Porter

Week 3 – 16 to 22 Jan – Swimming Pool

Week 4 – 23/29 Jan – David Williams MBE,  Eric Brown, Cliff Taylor

Week 5 – 30 Jan/5 Feb  – Peter Riddiford, David Brown, Mike Berry

Week 6 – 6/12 Feb – Dr Smales, Otto Dietz, Roy Lester, Ron Mould, coal man

Week 07 13/19 Feb – Home Mills, Victoria Institute, Roundstone School, the station

Week 08 Feb 20 to 26 David Landau,  David Starkey,  Mike Edwards,  Cllr Mary Pearce

Week 09  Feb 27 to Mar 4 Wimpy Bar,  Ballet class, Coffee morning, Trowbridge Park

Week 10 Mar 5-11 Freda, Whittern, Keith Berry, John Wilson, Ann Thomson, Trowbridge Police, Helen Rae

Week 11 Mar 12-18 Noel Knee, Hillbury hotel, Salvation Army, Gordon Gale, Rugby Club, Round Table, Trowbridge Lodge

Week 12  Mar 19-25 Janet Harris, Hepworths, Jim Lane, Di Davis, Nick Boroughs, Fred Dawes, Fr Joseph, John Barton, Bernard Pearce

Week 13 Mar 26 – Apr 1 Paul Elphic, Court Mills Nursery, Colborne Trophies, Rent Officers WWDC, Social Workers, WRMS

Week 14  Apr 2 – April 8  Ray Graham, Mike Berry, Beryl Cantello, Terry Simms, Ron Fisher

Week 15 Apr 9 – Apr 15 Cavendish Woodhouse, Oxfam ladies in the shop, Luna, Careers Advisory Service, Tescos, Haven coffee  bar, Military sales, Autosearch computers, The Halve

Week 16  April 16 – 22 Andil House, Anne Newbury flowers, Maternity Hospital, Sandy car sales, Terry Bishop, Tesco bakery, St John’s church at Easter, Geoff Davies, Janet Huntley, Theo Dunn, Malcolm Oliver, Fr Mark, Mr Rose the stationer

Week 17  April 23 – 29 Frank Jago,  Pet Shop, Michael Snook dentist, Hilperton Post Office, Cllr Mary Salisbury, The Byways, Simeon

Week 18  April 30 – May 6 Chinese takeway, Chris Jones Beaver Engineering, Bowyers, Ansis, Illuminations, Evangelical book stall, Inner Relief Rd, Polish Club

Week 19  May 7th – May 13th Darlington carpets, Roman Glass, Barbara Taylor, Richard Torrance Unigate, stone cladding, John of Gaunt, Holy Trinity, Methodist church, shoe repair and dog show at  the Football ground.

Week  20 May 14th to 20th – Bill Giles, Christian Aid, John, Billy Graham, Dora Ahl

Week 21  May 21st to 27th – Castle St Cycles, Newbury Junk Shop, rainy day, John Elliot, Studley Green, Snooker  Club

Week 22 May 28th to June 3rd – Unigate staff shop, Valerie Anne shop, Swanton Trash and Treasure, Open air market

Week 23 June 4th to 10th – Ivica clothes, Cousins camera repair, Jack Brennan, Action  Research, John Day, Bowyers staff shop

Week 24 June 11th to 17th – Fore St,  Seymour Estate, Cemetery, Town Hall, White Hart Lane, Parfett Office supplies, Blockbusters, Pat Ladd, Derek Williams Crowing Cock cafe

Week 25  June 18th to 24th – Cllrs Kate Harden and Mary Pearce, John Barton, Talent competition, Trowbridge swimming pool,  V Hunter, Cousins camera repair, couple of vagrants, George Hotel,  Castle St

Week 26 June 25th to July 1st – Salters Mill, trainee bricklayers, tug-o-war, barmaid Pee Wees, King’s Arms

Week 27 July 2nd to 8th – Making dresses, Fore St, Ushers Brewery, The Conigre, 7th Day Adventist, Shanleys scrap yard, Tennis club, church fete, Cyril Chivers

Week 28 July 9th to 15th – Handel House, East Wing, Ruth Barton, The Park Club, postman Wicker Hill, cricket club and pavilion

Week 29 July 16th to 22nd – Property for sale, milk float, The Halve, Landerette, The Armoury, Charlotte St,

Week 30 July 23rd to 29th – Caen Hill with Mr Terry Hall, Town Bridge, Wicker Hill, cycle shop, Mollie Lloyd, Taylor and Son, Rodney House, horse in Fore St, ice cream man

Week 31  July 30th to Aug 5th – Canal,St James’ church, music shop, man with paper,  shoes,  SJ Fruit, R A Graham, Bill Ellis

Week 32   Aug 6th to 12th – Alleyway off Church St, a walk along the River Biss, Handle House, vehicles on Wicker Hill, man at Arrods

Week 33  Aug 13th to 19th – Children on and around the River Biss and Brown St.

Week 34  Aug 20th – 26th – The Halve, Lloyds Bank, Kwik Save, Woolworths, Desmond, United Reformed Church, Ambulance Station, Yerbury St, Cousins & Wright, Ushers lorry

Week 35  Aug 27th to Sep 2nd – girl at bus stop, justice’s clerk , staff at WWDC, David January, Market Place, Duke St, Fore St, Silver St

Week 36  Sep 3rd to 9th – Rev Graham Jack, Sluggs offices, car restoration, Pee Wee’s, Country Fayre, scouts and bandstand, Bowls Club

Week 36 Carnival Day September 8th – events, people and  burgers

Week 37 – Sep 10th to 16th Setting up fun fair, baby show Ann Smales Finola  Fitchett, Trowbridge Football Club, WH Smiths, work on George Hotel, Mugfords Estate Agent, Ms Hood at Adams, Evangalist

Week 38 – Sep 17 to 23rd  Trowbridge resident, Peter Barclay, Tescos at night, Frome Rd, Newtown, Peter Riddiford, ATM in Silver St

Week 39 – Sep 24th to 30th Henry Knee, Lesley de Hass, Valerie Ann, Midland Bank and a row of houses in Mortimor St

Week 40 – Oct 1st to 7th  A Hairdresser, Bond St Buildings, Church Walk, white lining the bus stop.

Week 41 – Oct 8th to 14th Trowbridge Inner Relief Road

Week 42 – Oct 15th to 21st Pelican crossing, collecting mushrooms, Trowbridge Park, Polebarn Rd, Roundstone St, Great Mills

Week 43 – Oct 22nd to 28th Schooldays, young photography students, street scenes in Fore St and Wicker Hill, Berry’s, Handle House, River Biss, a chess contest

Week 44 – Oct 29th to Nov 4th County Way, Roundstone St, the main Post Office, SK Fruits, George Hotel, Fore St at  night, Mike Lloyd with camera.

Week 45 – Nov 5th to 11th Frome Rd, Trowbridge Station, Wicker Hill, Pioneer Benefit Society, AIDS centre, Dave Perkins shop, Lollipop lady, Bythesea Rd houses, Trowbridge in the rain, Woolworths, Remembrance Day parade.

Week 46 – Nov 12th to 18th Blind house, Stallard St, Ansis motors, Castle St, Trowbridge Park, Midland Bank, Church St, Spotlight, Tripps, Duke St carpark, Inner Relief Rd, Mr Pike, Trowbridge Toys, Traffic Warden.

Week 47 – Nov 19th to 25th Castle St, Dingles, lady with kids, Market Place, Martin & Stratfords, R Smith & Ford, Trowbridge Bookshop

Week 48  – Nov 26th to Dec 2nd  Studley Green, Walwayne Court

Week 49 – Dec 3rd to 9th Trowbridge Toy Shop, Castle St, Knees, Trowbridge Park, Hilperton Rd, Longbridge Roundabout

Week 50  – Dec 10th to 16th Dave Perkins,  Avenue Rd, The Halve Clinic,  Union St, Bethesda Chapel,  J&J Carpets, a milk float, St Jame’s church, Church Walk, Lions Club at Waldens

Week 51Dec 17th to 23rd Bowyers and Stallard St, Bowyers Nursery, Roots Health Food, PHEE tobacco shop, Nationwide Building Society, Studley Mills.

Week 52  – Dec 24th to 30th Lloyds bank, Midland Bank, Boots, Trowbridge Park, The Prospect, Kenton Drive, Richard Stratford, Wicker Hill

Week 53 – December 31st – Trowbridge Park, Union St,  Charlotte Place, Ravenscroft, Berni Inn, Fore St and Peter Robins.




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